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256 of the Best Philosophy Books

We cover some of the essential philosophy books that are best for those who are just starting or looking to expand their mind. This list is more for your own personal reference as no download links are provided. If you’re exploring on the next path to take, this list may feed you with some great ideas.

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Free Philosophy eBooks Everyone Should Read – From Ancient Greece to Postmodernism

We cover some of the essential philosophy books that are best for those who are just starting or looking to expand their mind. Our coverage reaches back to the dawn of the subject, with the best books on the Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Aiming to challenge the western bias, we also have book recommendations for ancient Chinese philosophy, Islamic philosophy, and world philosophy. The majority of them are freely available in PDF format. The rest can be either purchased online or as a physical book from your nearest bookstores.

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December is Universal Human Rights Month – Free Human Rights Ebooks

Free ebooks can provide a wealth of knowledge and information, including books on human rights, equality, justice, freedom, and activism. Individuals can broaden their knowledge and understanding of human rights issues, as well as the larger world around them, by taking advantage of free ebook resources. This can be good for people on a personal level and also motivate them to take action and work for change in their communities and beyond.

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What to Read? 3 Best Books To Read For A Beginner, Veteran and Expert from Each Genre – Part 6

Books have a preferred writing style that makes comprehension easy for readers who have mastered a certain level of fluency in reading a language. This post’s main objective is all about that – breaking down books into 3 distinctive levels (Beginner, Veteran and Expert) for all genres imaginable. In this sixth post, we’ll be covering genres from Philosophy, Fantasy, Religion & Literature, Nostalgia, Science, Southern Gothic, Canadian Literature, 19th Century British / Irish Literature, Italian Classic Literature.

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58 Free Ebooks on Cooking and Healthy Recipes for Everyone

You’ll find simple, easy-to-prepare dishes that offer plenty of nutrition, few calories, low fat, and few if any, processed ingredients. Find recipes for everything from basic to advanced cooking and baking, covering Cooking, Food & Wine, Baking Recipes, Beverages, Celebrity and TV Chef Cookbooks, Children’s Cookery Books, Cooking for Parties, General Cookery Recipes, Healthy Food, National and Regional Cuisine, Non Vegetarian Recipes, Preserving & Freezing and Vegetarian Recipes.

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293 Free Mathematics Ebooks, Learning Platforms, Tools and Resources

This post will further your knowledge in areas that all mathematicians will be interested in. Find out what resources you can read to learn more, and find a selection of useful links including a variety of ebooks, learning platforms, videos, tools and lecture notes on a wide array of topics, such as doing math foundation, set theory, logic, type theory, algebra and many many more.

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